Saturday, February 18, 2012

Schoolboy Q - Hands On The Wheel (Feat. A$AP Rocky) Live (Atlanta)



Lil Wayne - 'Weezy's Sports Corner #4'

The only reason I'm posting this is because Wayne talks about Jeremy Lin. It's crazy ESPN hasn't hired him yet, he's got great insight...


A$AP Mob - Cosmic Kev Freestyle

The A$AP crew stopped by the Cosmic Kev show to drop some knowledge. Saturday out this bitch!

A$AP Mob - Cosmic Kev Freestyle | DOWNLOAD

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lin On Me


Skrillex - Bangarang (Official Video)

God damn, this video is fucking brilliant. I don't get how people STILL hate on this guy. You need to just put the dubstep thing aside and appreciate incredible production. Check this shit out.


Upcoming: Air Jordan IV - 'White/Cement'

Dropping in 2 days...


Shit That Made Me Laugh Today


The Cool Kids - Rush Hour Traffic (Official Video)

New visuals from Chuck and Mic. This is actually a really ridiculous video. Haven't heard from these dudes in a while either so it's kind of refreshing.


Wiz Khalifa - 'My Favorite Song' (Feat. Juicy J)

These two have been chillin on the reg lately. I'm not mad at this song. Just some background music for that 7-10pm timeframe on the weekend. Picture is cheap.

Wiz Khalifa - 'My Favorite Song' (Feat. Juicy J) | DOWNLOAD

Porter Robinson 'Quicklook' Interview

Check out a cool interview that delves inside the life of OWSLA's Porter Robinson. I like this guys sound, it's ridiculous strong. Props to TSIS for getting this interview. Check it.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

N00b: Scott Storch - Arrested For Cocaine Possession

"According to TMZ, recovering drug addict and producer Scott Storch, was arrested two weeks ago (February 4th) in Las Vegas for cocaine possession. He was later released after posting $5,000 bond"

Props: RR

Redman - 'Just Don't Give A Fuck' (Freestyle)

When beats were cool...

Redman - 'Just Don't Give A Fuck' (Freestyle) | DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby buys Slim a Maybach


RIGHT NOW: The Jeremy Lin Show vs. Kings

Like I wasn't gunna post this...

Joell Ortiz - Stay Schemin' (freestyle)

Yaowa. Another quarter of the slaughter lays bars to this beautiful instrumental. Who you think got the best of it? Joell? Joey? Drake? Ross? Common? A$AP? I won't even ask about French Montana because that dude has straight nursery rhymes.

Joell Ortiz - Stay Schemin' (freestyle) | DOWNLOAD

RZA on Conan

Prince Rakeem aka The Scientist aka The Abbot aka Rzarector aka Bobby Digital aka Bobby Steels aka Prince Dynamite aka Prince Delight aka Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah sits with Conan and talks a bit about co-starring on Californication.

Bonus: RZA in Funny People.

50 Cent feat. Kidd Kidd - Shooting Guns

One of my favorite cuts from The Big 10 mixtape. How the fuck does dude expect to get famous with the name Kidd Kidd though?

Previously: 50 Cent - The Big 10 [Mixtape] (Download)

Primitive Presents: 11 Year Old Steven Fernandez

I cannot wrap my head around the amount of pre-teen professional skateboarders there are in this world. How the fuck are these kids even strong enough to do this shit? So sick. Definitely check this out.


Cee-Lo - Announces Upcoming Albums


VICE and Project X - Party Legends w/Nas

Nas sits down with VICE and Project X to discusses a wild party story from his days in the Queensbridge projects. Need I say more?


Drake - Kicks Off Club Paradise Tour (Miami, FL)

Drizzy kicked off his Club Paradise Tour in Miami last night. He will be hitting the road with the likes of A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar. Not gonna lie, I'm kinda pissed there's no dates even close to Jersey or New York City.


Joe Budden - Stay Schemin' (Freestyle)

Joey releases a freestyle over the French Montana instro. Bars over bullshit.

Joe Budden - Stay Schemin' (Freestyle) | DOWNLOAD

A$AP Rocky - 3 Part Interview w/DJ Drama


Wiz Khalifa - Day Today (Miami)

New Day Today episode from Mr. Rose. I thoroughly enjoy this shit every time he puts out a new video. Muvarosebud.


Somebody That I Used To Know - Jakob Liedholm (Remix)

This is pretty cool cuz the kid that made this is from Sweden and he's 15. Original song is incredible too.

Somebody That I Used To Know - Jakob Liedholm (Remix) | DOWNLOAD


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rick Ross - MMG Untouchable (Official Video)

Official video for another song about money and Maybachs. This shit is actually pretty dope. Rozay just keeping it real as fuck. UNGH!


Kendrick Lamar X Gunplay - 'Cartoon & Cereal'

New track from Compton's most notable freshman and Gunplay. Yep, his rap name is Gunplay. Unbelievable. 

Kendrick Lamar X Gunplay - 'Cartoon & Cereal' | DOWNLOAD

Joe Budden - Interviews Victor Cruz



Tony Yayo - El Chapo 2 Mixtape

New mixtape from this dude. Everything about Tony Yayo just makes me laugh. I'm sure this sounds exactly how I expect it to sound...

Tony Yayo - El Chapo 2 (Mixtape) | DOWNLOAD

BEHIND THE SCENES: The Cool Kids - 'Rush Hour Traffic'

Haven't heard from my dudes in a minute. I really wish they didn't put that first album out. I don't think it was a BAD album, but it just wasn't their sound. Hopefully Chuck fires up Reason and gets back to that grime we all know and love.


Rone - 200 Miles to Philadelphia

It's not often that a battle rapper can make a tolerable recorded song. I respect this kid's grind. The first single off of Rone's up-coming album 'The First Story' coming in Spring of 2012. Produced by Ritz Reynolds.

Rone - 200 Miles to Philadelphia | Download on iTunes

Monday, February 13, 2012

Skrillex - My Good Bye

Sonny dropped a new track in honor of winning 3 of his 5 Grammy nominations. If you're not impressed by that, you're missing the point. I think this dude makes incredible music, but I understand the dubstep thing as a phase. Either way, this shit (the Grammy's, not this song) gives hope to all the "bedroom genuises" out there. Dope.

Skrillex - My Good Bye | DOWNLOAD

A$AP Rocky - Sold Out Atlanta Show/Brings Out Freeway & Young Chris

"A$AP Rocky sits with to talk about his first show in Atlanta, The Grammys, Kanye West, Floyd Mayweather and why he would never name his kid after a rapper."

"A$AP Rocky Brings Out Freeway & Young Chris in Philly."

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wiz Khalifa - 'Bing Originals' (Commerical)

Pretty dope portrait of Wiz. They just aired this during the Grammy's so I figured I'd throw it up. Shout out MuvaRoseBud.


Whitney Houston - Dead.

1963 - 2012

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Childish Gambino - Heartbeat

Official video for the Gambino single. This is one of the only songs I've really enjoyed from this dude. But that synth? Nobody pulled this engineer aside and told him to stop being an asshole? Hook is crack though.


Lil Wayne - Takes Shot At The Throne

I didn't pay attention to anything else in this video other than Wayne spewing bullshit. Fast forward to about the 3:45 mark if you're interested.

“I met a red-bone, I took the girl home/I asked her what she wanna watch, she said, ‘Surely not The Throne’”